U.R.G.E. Foundation

Posted: July 31st, 2013

URGE Foundation

U.R.G.E. seeks to make enduring contributions to the lives of children in Jamaica, Africa, and throughout the world. U.R.G.E acts to support education, health, the environment, in efforts to improve the communities where children live and grow, as they are our future’s unlimited resource. The more we can give to them, the more enlightened we can become.



- Seek communities that may benefit from our help.
- Raise funds via individual and corporate donations, product sales, ticket sales, and charitable events.
- Collect and donate the items (clothing, toys, school supplies, food) that are most needed by children and their communities.
- Provide assistance and resources that enable communities to develop and self-sustain.


- Raise awareness on current events, social developments and political landscapes which affect children.
- Partner with other artists, celebrities, brands and charitable organizations to draw attention to the needs of the communities in need of donations.
- Research the most accurate and unbiased information to the media and the public.
- Share our stories of success through photos, stories, and letters.


  • Mark Brunber

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  • JahDev

    may Jah bless Ziggy Marley and Family and the whole entire staff of URGE Foundation with sweet success in all of there future endeavors and affairs. Amen. Respect. ONE LOVE.

  • Randy Ryan

    hi zig and brother. I grew up in the area of bethel, new york, the
    location of Woodstock 69′. Ive been on the path to spiritual growth and
    it was real important for me to see the property for myself. I met the
    owner of current day yasgur farms, most of the land was sold off and the
    yasgur family still owns 100 acres of land. They still hold gatherings
    promoting peace love and unity for a weekend every year in august. It’s a
    beautiful weekend every year and our local government is trying to end
    the weekends for us. I would just like you to know how much the united
    states needs to learn about peace love and unity. Your father is my
    spiritual guide, he means everything to me and I want to personally
    thank you for your families music. I would feel it a huge honor for the
    united states and the world to be blessed with your music at the
    original woodstock gathering. We need to prove to the world that nobody
    owns earths land, were children of god and we can unite as one love.

  • James Mcdermott

    Whats Up My Brother its Chef James From The Summer House In Nantucket…. Hit Me Up At James McDermott New York Facebook……

  • candy harding

    hi ziggy miss u been many many years would love to hear from u again your old but still true good friend candy u can find me on f/b as candy harding to remind u who I am it would b good to hear from u house num12423380087 or cell 12424724099 would love to share r families we did thye hay world recording at compospoint together in Nassau

  • http://abracadamera.tumblr.com/ Benny P

    Dear Mr. Marley,

    Yesterday I was at your tour bus just wanting 1 minute of your time. Your staff informed me to contact you via internet as it wasn’t possible to reach you in person. I don’t want to come across winging, but I find nothing else more important than truth

    For the last 2 years I have been trying to get in touch with reggae artists around the globe about innovative projects in Africa. Projects that share one big ambition and goal: ‘the betterment for the people in Africa’.

    Lately I can’t help but wonder if the reggae industry prefers to chant or act upon the struggle of life in the motherland. I feel deep sadness when I realize no artist has even replied to decline help, the ignorance raises questions about their intentions.

    I’ve been studying social work and flying now and than to Africa to help and check things out, I’m not asking for money. Your 5 minutes of time could be more important than 500 hours of my time. Please be in touch so I’ll show you my photo blog, pitch you some ideas about projects in Kenya.
    When we unite, we stand strong against the man and I believe we could make this a very meaningful story!

  • jimmy

    hi ziggy can you please start a save the poor project
    for family’s to find a new home to live

  • JackCNimble

    How about the children of Palestine, Ziggy? They don’t matter? Shame on you for performing in Israel as the Israeli military brutally slaughters innocent children, women, disabled, elderly, and anyone else who gets in their way. They are committing genocide, and you looked the other way when you should be leading the charge against the bloodshed and brutality.

    • Katie

      ‘and throughout the World’ reread, and even so, he’s doing good in the World, how can you possibly be angered by that?

      • JackCNimble

        “Throughout the world”–except Palestine? I’m not angry by the good things Ziggy has done, good for him. I am dismayed by Ziggy performing in Israel in defiance of an international cultural boycott intended to help stop the brutal killing of Palestinian children by Israeli Defense Forces. 1900 dead (mostly civilians and children), 10,000 injured, 500,000 displaced in the past month alone. Evidence of atrocity everywhere. No excuses for this. If you perform in Israel, that’s what you are supporting.

        • Mimi Estrella

          Ziggy is infusing love peace and harmony where it is needed most, as you are bringing attention to such a needed area. Ziggy has the message of unification, He has taken his fathers message to deeper levels. Jack, i will gladly join you in high frequency meditation for the well being of these children as well, but not limit it to just them. We all need more love, this shall heal the earth, which it is in deep need of. We all deserve to be “wild and free” i am sending you boundless love, be well brother you have brought awareness and served a higher cause, this can also be done in sheer love.

  • Mimi Estrella

    mahalo, for all you do. How may i join in the efforts? I would love to sew clothes, is this something i may support with?