Join the #ZIGFANVID Music Video Campaign

Posted: February 28th, 2014

Help us make a music video for “I Get Up” from Ziggy Marley’s upcoming album, Fly Rasta! Ziggy will be revealing new lyrics to the song every Monday and Friday, and he’ll be sharing his own visual interpretations to the lyrics to the posts. Once lyrics are posted, head over to Instagram on your mobile devices and snap a shot of your own interpretations to the words. After all the lyrics have been posted, we’ll compile all your submissions together and generate a fan-made music video for the song! See below for more information on how to post to Instagram correctly, and even further below for some recent examples of other fans’ submissions.

Thanks in advance for participating, and we hope you enjoy both the process and the final product!

Click here to open up the Instagram app on your mobile devices.


Recent #ZIGFANVID Entries: