Ziggy Marley honors the late Muhammad Ali at show in Las Vegas

Posted: June 17th, 2016

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In a recent show at The Beach at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on this first leg of the summer tour, Ziggy made a special song dedication to a childhood hero, the late great Muhammad Ali. The song chosen to pay his respects was “Moving Forward”, from 2014’s Fly Rasta, which features lyrics such as, “The human experiment comes with pain, and through it all you got to live again”, and, “The hurt makes me stronger, can’t stop me no longer”, which in context was alluding to the struggles of being a professional boxer and the determination it takes to be one of the greats.

Additionally, In a recent interview with the Kansas City Star, Ziggy noted his admiration of Ali, reminiscing that, “He came to Jamaica when I was a teenager. I met him in his hotel room, and he did magic tricks with my cards. My father was a sports fan, and I’m a sports fan. It was through my father that I got into boxing and learned about Muhammad Ali. My father was a big fan of Muhammad Ali, and I became a big fan of him, also.” (check out the link below for the full interview transcript)

Ziggy Marley, coming to Crossroads KC, talks marijuana, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali

It’s a sad day to see the passing of both an athletic and cultural giant like Muhammad Ali, but we cherish the legacy he has left behind, and with hope, we have learned from the lessons he has taught us all. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Rest in power, ALI.