Concert Review: Ziggy live at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, CA

Posted: September 15th, 2016


Review by Larson Sutton for

As cerebral as Ziggy Marley can be with his songwriting, his performances succeed on his physical enthusiasm as much as they do on provocative content. Couple those aspects with a band that is dynamic and sure at every turn, and what emerges is two hours of pulsating, heart-pumping elation. Marley’s stop in his adopted hometown of Los Angeles saw him at the Belasco, another in the line of gorgeous downtown theaters revitalized and fitted for live music, that had the reggae star nearly surrounded by his appreciative audience and, at one point, sharing the stage with a guesting hula dancer….

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Ziggy Marley, Belasco Theater, Los Angeles, CA- 8/16/16