Ziggy does interview with young high school budding journalist

Posted: October 6th, 2016

While on tour this fall, Ziggy gave budding high school journalist Sam Eynon an exclusive interview from backstage at one of his concerts. During this interview, Ziggy began by explaining to Sam some of the things he was able to pick up from his father the legendary reggae mega superstar Bob Marley such as discipline, hard work, focus, and purpose.

Here are some of the other highlights from that evening:

Sam: What was the biggest message taken fro Bob Marley?
Ziggy: Use your humanity for helping other human beings. Be humble and help people. Have purpose in life, that is more than just your self.

Sam: What is your goal when singing music?
Ziggy: To put forward ideas from what I’ve been inspired to write. My continuous inspiration is love, so I keep singing about love you know! That is the most important attribute missing in the world today… Love… It is there and we are going to find it!

Sam: What got you to where you are today in the music industry?
Ziggy: I think humility, and knowing that I have a purpose here. We will just speak about purpose here, I know I have purpose, and I am fulfilling my true purpose… This is my calling you know. I’ve been called to do this. I’ve been inspired to do it. I know I’m doing that which was given to me. Be humble, respectful of others… Have an open mind to learn from others and don’t act like you know everything.

Sam: When did you know making music was your path?
Ziggy: My path is one of giving a message. Music is one way to do it. I might write a book, do a T.V. show , there many avenues, music is only one path. The real things is that I am inspired to give messages to people.

You can view the video above or by clicking here!