“Personal Revolution” – Live at Wanderlust Festival

Posted: June 16th, 2013

When Ziggy Marley ignites the Wanderlust Festival crowd with the question, “Who’s got the power?” they respond, “I DO!” in unison ~ further bolstering the self-empowerment themes that ran through Wanderlust Festival’s yoga classes, meditation sessions, Speakeasy lectures and more at the Copper Mountain event in July of 2012.

Ziggy Marley headlines Wanderlust Festivals in Vermont, Colorado and California in 2012, bringing his easy rhythms and authentic voice to an enthusiastic crowd of seekers, dancers and hoopers in each mountain location.

In many ways, Ziggy encapsulates the perfect Wanderlust headliner, as his songs contain many elements of our core values: caring for the earth, compassion and empathy for your neighbors and community, and embodying your own personal vision of freedom.

Yoga, Music and Nature remain the three key components of Wanderlust’s mission to create community around mindful living, and Ziggy Marley’s call for a Personal Revolution asks each attendee to look inside to create the world they want to live in.

Recorded by Wanderlust Festival, LLC ~ Copper Mountain, CO ~ July 7, 2012

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